Gagarmata Trek on 15-2-2015 at Bhat (Shivrajpur.)



Vadodara  Gujarat.

Gagar-mata Trek 
ON 15-02-2015                     
(  Light trek – it is just family trekking.)

Reporting at Bhat – eco-camp site, 22 kms. From Pawagarh – shivrajpur road.
Parking and orientation.
New Trek  8.00 k.m. from Bhat camp site, 6 hrs.
Lunch at Gagar-mata top view point.
Group Break at camp site bhat.

This is very beautiful and unique trek. Bhat is always our trekking destination. Here you can enjoy the cave trekking, view of bat’s colony, scenic beauty of mountains, mines, birds etc. you can click very good photographs. This is moderate trek for all.

Fees Rs.250=00 (for members).
This includes forest entry fees, guidence, and lunch etc.

Things To Bring :  Clothes- which covers full body, handkerchief, Torch, Water bottles of minimum 2 liter for 8 KM trek, Sun Glasses, Walking Shoes which are comfortable to you, Camera, Binocular, personal items if required AND OF COURSE GOOD MOOD & HIGH SPIRIT. 
  1.  Report at Bhat eco-campsite after having Break-fast etc. We will provide lunch only.
  2.  Trekking is not a picnic, It's Adventure Sports activity and you are participating at    
       your own risk.
  3.  Please note that this is an environment friendly trek. Do not litter any wrappers or     
       spoil the trail in any way. In case you find any wrapper, plastic bag or anything left         
       by others on the way , please carry the same with you.
  3.  Use of alcohols and narcotics of any kind and smoking are strictly prohibited during the 
  4.  We as the Organizer are taking due precaution for the safety of participants but the    
        ultimate Responsibility lies on you.

Remember Trekking is not a Picnic."
Trekking is a Royal Fashion to enjoy difficulties. This is not a tour or picnic in any manner.

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