• Objectives

    YHAI offers a wholesome, rejuvenating opportunity for the desire to travel in a special and cheapest manner. It covers trekking, hiking, biking, canoeing or even mountaineering. The motto of the Association is: "Wandering one gathers honey" which conveys the idea to: explore 'at your own steam' as far as possible-call it wandering-not aimlessly but gathering knowledge and being creative. It makes you acquainted with the countryside in a much intimate manner, gain firsthand knowledge and appreciation of nature to become accustomed with various approaches of life in varying situations. How? Because you see traveling slowly, appreciate traveling simply, learn traveling with an open mind and so develop self-initiative.

    The Aims and Objects of YHAI are

    • To encourage youth travel and provide low cost good accommodation.
    • To foster friendly relations between the urban and rural youth.
    • To promote inter-state contacts, national integration and inter-national friendship.
    • To instill among the youth a sense of adventure and awareness of environment.
    • To organize and conduct collective outdoor adventure activities at 'no profit no 
     loses basis